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Case File: Creon vs. Antigone

Police Reports

Case Description: Complainant (Creon) accuses Defendant (Antigone) of treason. After Eteocles and Polyneices killed each other in their war over Thebes, Creon declared that Eteocles' body would be given the proper funeral rites, while Polyneices' body would be left for the dogs. Anyone who touched Polyneices' body would be put to death. Thinking this was totally unfair, Antigone buried Polyneices' body anyway.

Case Status: Case closed. As punishment, Creon had Antigone buried alive in a tomb. He had a change of heart, but by the time he went to open the tomb, Antigone had hanged herself.

Addendum: Creon's son Haemon, who loved Antigone, killed himself because of Antigone's death, and Creon's wife, Eurydice, killed herself because of her son's death. (So yeah, a bad day all around.)

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