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Creon's Wall


All I know is that anybody reading Antigone's blog right now is an idiot.

Really, Creon, that's the only thing you know? How surprising.

I wish I'd never let you come back to Thebes.


Quit picking on her, Dad!

No one asked you to join this conversation.

I don't need you to stand up for me, Haemon.


I should've stood up to him! How could I have let him bury you alive!? I'm awful. I'm terrible. I hate myself.

Would you please stop whining in public? It's seriously embarrassing.

He's kind of right about that, Haemon.

Wow, we agree on something.

Don't get used to it.


For the record, I'm still mad that you tried to leave my body to the dogs. Thank Zeus I have a good sister who wouldn't leave me unburied.

No prob, bro. :-)

Polyneices, you led an army to destroy Thebes!


Eteocles was supposed to share Thebes with me!

Wha, wha, wha... you've been dead for thousands of years, and yet you're still a child.


He's right, Creon. I should have shared the throne like we agreed.

You're on his side now?


Hey, I've matured.

Sometimes I wish I were the one who was exiled instead of Oedipus.

Okay, it's decided. I'm starting a blog of my own. I'm sick of all the slander going around about me on the internet—especially on Antigone's hateful blog.

Oh, I'm sure everybody's going to go crazy for the Creon blog. Wow, how exciting.

You'd be surprised.

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