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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment


by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Crime and Punishment Part 6, Chapter 3 Summary

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  • Looking for Svidrigaïlov, Raskolnikov (in typical fashion) argues with himself about whether to seek out the man or not.
  • Did Svidrigaïlov rat him out to Porfiry? Not likely.
  • He feels like Svidrigaïlov has something he needs, but he can't imagine what.
  • Visiting Sonia comes into his mind. He's scared of everybody right now, including her. No, better to check out Svidrigaïlov first.
  • He wonders to himself why Svidrigaïlov is helping Katerina's children. Will he blackmail Dounia into something awful by threatening to turn in Raskolnikov?
  • He thinks of the mysterious letter Dounia received. Was it from Luzhin? Svidrigaïlov?
  • If Svidrigaïlov is messing with Dounia, Raskolnikov will kill him. That much he knows.
  • He comes upon a huge bar and sees Svidrigaïlov in there, smoking a pipe. Fear strikes him.
  • Raskolnikov and Svidrigaïlov both pretend they haven't seen each other and look at each other out of the corners of their eyes.
  • Their eyes meet. Svidrigaïlov seems amused and asks Raskolnikov to join him.
  • A bottle of champagne is on Svidrigaïlov's table. A little boy plays the organ, and a young girl, Katia, sings.
  • They stop when Svidrigaïlov tells them to. He appears to pay them by giving Katia champagne to drink (but maybe they already got paid). Then, the two street kids leave.
  • Raskolnikov tells Svidrigaïlov that he was looking for him but doesn't know why he came to this spot.
  • Svidrigaïlov says he told Raskolnikov to meet him there. Doesn't he remember?
  • He doesn't. Svidrigaïlov says the information got stuck in Raskolnikov's brain and led him there, even though Raskolnikov doesn't consciously remember.
  • Frustrated with the guy already, Raskolnikov tells him to say what he needs to say.
  • Svidrigaïlov wants to chat for a while.
  • Raskolnikov asks him what he's doing in St. Petersburg.
  • Chasing women, he admits.
  • Disgusted, Raskolnikov says taking advantage of women is a "disease."
  • Changing the subject, Svidrigaïlov says they should hurryhe has to meet "a woman" in an hour. Raskolnikov gets irritated and feels trapped. He gets up to leave.
  • Uh-oh. That's not in Svidrigaïlov's plan. He quickly brings up Dounia. He wants to tell Raskolnikov how Dounia tried "to save" him.
READ THE BOOK: Part 6, Chapter 3

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