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Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment


by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov Timeline and Summary

  • Raskolnikov goes to the pawnbroker's house to rehearse a terrible but undisclosed plan he has.
  • Afterward, he goes to a bar and meets Marmeladov, who tells him about Sonia.
  • He helps Marmeladov home and leaves money on the windowsill to help the desperate family.
  • The next day, he gets a letter from his mother explaining the whole Svidrigaïlov mess and breaking the news that Dounia is engaged to Pyotr Petrovitch Luzhin. It also announces her impending arrival in St. Petersburg.
  • Enraged, he vows to stop the marriage but feels powerless to do so. He finds himself at Razumihin's but doesn't go up.
  • It's clear that he plans to kill the pawnbroker and steal her money.
  • After drinking vodka, he falls asleep in some bushes and has a terrible dream about a horse being beaten.
  • When he wakes up, he decides not to kill the old woman after all.
  • But, when he learns Lizaveta won't be home on the day and time he planned, he changes his mind.
  • He steals an axe and puts his plan into action. He kills the pawnbroker.
  • Since he forgot to lock the door and took too long to depart, Lizaveta walks in on the bloody scene.
  • So, she gets the axe, too.
  • Then, he goes home and falls asleep but keeps waking up and trying to hide evidence.
  • He is summoned to the police station about a debt to his landlady. While there, he hears about the murder and faints.
  • Afterward, he hides the items he stole from the pawnbroker under a big rock.
  • He is sick for a few days and, when he wakes up, he has new clothescourtesy of Razumihin and money from mom.
  • Luzhin comes over, and Raskolnikov threatens him.
  • At the Crystal Palace, he meets Zametov and confesses to the murders but says he is just kidding.
  • Afterward, he finds Marmeladov dying in the street, having been run over by a horse-drawn carriage. He helps him home.
  • There, he sees Sonia for the first time and gives Katerina all his money for the funeral.
  • When he gets home, Dounia and Pulcheria are waiting for him.
  • Not being able to deal with them, he gets Razumihin to take care of them and goes to sleep.
  • He's doing better the next day and, when his mom, sis, and Razumihin arrive, he's showered and wearing his new clothes. He's nice and apologetic to everybody.
  • After reading Luzhin's letter to Dounia, he agrees to go to his mother and sister's rooms for their meeting with him.
  • With Razumihin, he visits Porfiry and learns that his article about crime was published in a journal.
  • He begins to hate and fear Porfiry, though he is unsure if the man suspects him.
  • After a weird man calls him a murderer, Raskolnikov wakes up to find Svidrigaïlov in his room.
  • Svidrigaïlov has money for Dounia from Marfa, but he also wants to see her, to give her even more money. But Raskolnikov says no to all counts.
  • Raskolnikov attends the dinner with Luzhin and is happy because Dounia finally sees that the man is a creep.
  • After the dinner, Raskolnikov tells everybody to leave him alone until he looks for them because he has important stuff to do.
  • Then, he goes to Sonia's, is rather rude to her, and promises to soon return with information on Lizaveta's killer.
  • The next day, he goes to Porfiry's office, to file a report on the items he left with the pawnbroker, and is interrogated by Porfiry.
  • They are interrupted by Nikolay, who confesses to the murders.
  • Raskolnikov attends Marmeladov's funeral dinner. He later goes to Sonia's and reveals himself to be the murderer.
  • Afterward, Dounia comes to visit him, and he tells her he wants her to marry Razumihin.
  • After this, he joins Sonia on the street and tries to help her get Katerina and the kids into a safe place.
  • At Sonia's, after Katerina dies, Svidrigaïlov tells Raskolnikov that he heard him confess to Sonia.
  • Eventually, he meets Svidrigaïlov in a bar and learns that the man really is a child molester and abuser of women.
  • He tries to follow him but loses him.
  • Meanwhile, he goes back to Sonia, saying he's ready to turn himself in to the cops, which he does.
  • He's sentenced to eight years in a Siberian prison.
  • At first, he seems like the same old conflicted guy, but after being sick and recovering, he begins to see Sonia with new eyes. He feels love and begins to change.