Crime and Punishment
Crime and Punishment
by Fyodor Dostoevsky
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Crime and Punishment Violence Quotes Page 3

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Quote #7

[Pulcheria:] "Resslich hated this girl, and grudged her every crust; she used to beat her mercilessly. One day the girl was found hanging in the garret. At the inquest the verdict was suicide." (4.2.41)

We don't blame you for shuddering. The girl in question is only fourteen. By Svidrigaïlov's own later admission, he sexually abused her, which caused her to kill herself.

Quote #8

He was overcome with frenzy and he began hitting the old woman on the head with all his force, but at every blow of the axe the laughter and whispering from the bedroom grew louder. (3.6.62)

Major anxiety dream. Even if Raskolnikov could legally "get away" with the murder, his mind will keep on punishing him. We wonder how long such dreams will continue.

Quote #9

Dounia raised the revolver, and deadly pale, gazed at him [Svidrigaïlov], measuring the distance and awaiting the first movement on his part. (6.5.106)

What a relief this moment is. We can't imagine how Dounia will get away from Svidrigaïlov, but she's saved by the gun, just in the nick of time. Dounia doesn't take advantage of the situation, just nicks his forehead to make a point. (Or she's just a bad shot.) In any case, he won't be so lucky when he turns the same gun on himself.

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