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The Crucible

The Crucible


by Arthur Miller

Abigail Williams Timeline and Summary

  • Abigail confesses to her uncle that she was dancing in the forest with Tituba, but claims that nakedness was not involved.
  • When the Rev. Parris asks why she was dismissed by the Proctors so many months ago, Abigail insists that she still has a good reputation in the village.
  • Left alone with Betty, Abigail tries to get her to wake up.
  • Abigail instructs all the young girls on what they can and cannot say about what they did with Tituba. She threatens to kill them if they reveal anything else.
  • Abigail flirts with John Proctor. She tries to get him to admit that he still wants her and expresses anger toward his wife for “blackening” her name in the village.
  • Abigail admits to Proctor that Betty is just pretending.
  • Abigail insists she’s a good girl to Reverend Hale, and then admits that Tituba was conjuring spirits and that she made Abigail drink blood.
  • When Tituba starts naming villagers who are into witchcraft, Abigail joins in and starts naming women in the village she saw with the Devil.
  • Abigail leads the girls in court in their witchcraft accusations.
  • One night, stuck by a pin, Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor of creating a poppet (a sort of voodoo doll) and sticking it with a pin to harm her.
  • When Mary Warren appears to renounce her involvement in the court proceedings, Abigail is given the chance to admit that she was pretending. Instead, she pretends that Mary has sent her spirit out to try to harm her. And so the trials continue.
  • When Abigail is questioned in court about her sexual affair with John Proctor after he confesses, Abigail denies it.
  • Abigail breaks into her uncle’s lockbox, steals all his money, and leaves Salem with Mercy Lewis.