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The Crucible

The Crucible


by Arthur Miller

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Act 1


1. Where is Tituba originally from?
2. According to Abigail, why did Goody Proctor discharge her from her service?
3. When Mr. and Mrs. Putnam come to Reverend Parris's house, what main difference do they notice between the ailing Betty and their own sick daughter Ruth?
4. What does Mrs. Putnam reveal to Parris about her past to explain why she believes the Devil is nearby?
5. Mercy Lewis, the Putnam's servant, comes to Parris's house and tells the Putnams that Ruth has done something that shows a sign of life; what was it?
6. When Betty is left in her room with only Abigail, Mary Warren, and Mercy Lewis, who does she ask for?
7. What forbidden substance did Abigail drink?
8. When John Proctor and Abigail are alone in the room with Betty, what is revealed about their past together?
9. What is Reverend Hale's special expertise?
10. According to Tituba, what did the Devil tell her to do to Reverend Parris?
11. Who do you think Tituba feels the most love for? In other words, which other character is she most concerned about?
12. What did Rev. Parris see Abigail and the other girls doing?
13. What does Betty threaten to do while she is awake?
14. According to Abigail, what does Tituba make her do?
15. How is Betty finally awakened from her deep sleep for good?


1. Barbados
2. Goody Proctor wanted Abigail to work like a slave, Abigail says, and began to hate Abigail because she wouldn't.
3. Betty's eyes are closed, and Ruth's are open.
4. She gave birth to seven babies who died immediately after they were born.
5. Ruth sneezed.
6. Her mother, who is dead
7. Blood (from a chicken)
8. John and Abigail had a romantic encounter while Abigail was working in his house.
9. He specializes in demons and the Devil.
10. The Devil told her to kill him.
11. Betty
12. Rev. Parris saw them dancing.
13. Betty threatens to "fly."
14. She makes her laugh during church.
15. Betty takes part in accusing others of witchcraft at the end of the act. By taking part in the accusations, Betty seems cured.