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Cry Me A River
Cry Me A River
by Justin Timberlake
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Cry Me A River Images


From child star to adult superstar, see Justin’s hair get better and better.

Justin’s former lovers

Britney, Cameron Diaz, and Jessica Biel are the only relationships we are sure actually happened, but rumors continue to swirl, as rumors are wont to do. Heck, there was suspicion that Timberlake got together with Janet Jackson. Here are some of the other women people have suggested he has gone out with, since you’re clearly dying to know.

Justin and Britney

This was one extremely well documented relationship.

Justin and Britney, candid

Even candid, these two look pretty put-together.

Justin and Britney, babies

These two really did grow up together. Imagine dating your childhood best friend with the paparazzi following you around the entire time. Or don’t, maybe that would be better.

Recent Timberlake

In case you forgot what he looked like, we’ve provided a little portrait courtesy of People Magazine.

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