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Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis to Detente

Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis to Detente

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Cold War: Cuban Missile Crisis to Detente Acronyms

The 411 on the AKAs... FYI

ARVN: Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
CIA: Central Intelligence Agency
DMZ: Demilitarized Zone
DRV: Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam)
ExComm: Executive Committee
FRG: Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany)
GDR: German Democratic Republic (East Germany)
ICBM: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
KGB: Committee for State Security (Soviet secret police and espionage agency)
NATO: North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NSC: National Security Council
NLF: National Liberation Front for South Vietnam (a.k.a. Viet Cong, a communist guerilla army fighting against the USA and South Vietnamese government during the Vietnam War)
OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
MAD: Mutual Assured Destruction
RVN: Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam)
SALT: Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty
UN: United Nations
USSR: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (Soviet Union)

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