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Your Field Guide to Spotting Cúchulainn (Cúchulain)

Cúchulainn's not hard to find. He's the one on the hurling field with the glistening muscles and six-pack abs. Most often, you can find him with his warrior friends from the Red Branch, the royal army of Ulster. He's rarely without a sword or his magical spear, the Gae Bolg, and loves hitting up bars to find his next girlfriend.

Sex: Male
Age: Forever young
Build: Muscular
Complexion: Reddish. I'm a sweaty warrior, after all.
Hair Color: Black, but sometimes it looks like it's divided into three different colors: brown, red, and blond. My hair also stands up like a warrior Alfalfa when I'm in my battle rage and I get a little halo of light, courtesy of my dad, Lugh.
Facial Hair: None
Scars/marks/tattoos: Some people say I have seven fingers on each hand, seven toes on each foot, and seven pupils in each eye, but even a hero can't handle that many digits!
Jewelry and accessories: Every hero likes some glitter now and then.
Clothing: My favorite outfit is a shirt sewn from gold thread. I wear a green cloak over that to look super-sexy.
Armor: Visor given to me by Manannan mac Lir
Type of Weapon: Gae Bulg, my sick spear

Typical Companions

Conchobar mac Nessa
My other bros-in-arms

Known Hangouts

Sports fields
At King Conchobar's fortress
The gym

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