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Cúchulainn (Cúchulain)'s Wall



I'm coming for that brown bull!

Not if I have anything to say about it.

The Brown Bull of Cooley

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I have CPS—Cow Positioning System. I can track him at all times.

You'll have to get past me first.


Dude. Calm down.

It's not my fault if I go into a frenzy before battle!

Conchobar mac Nessa

Maybe not… but it's freaking everyone out a bit.

All of Ireland

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threw an Irish rose at Emer.

Cathbad the Druid

Son, did you listen to me when I told you you'd be a great hero, but live for only a short time? I suggest you slow down.

I can't hear you. La, la, la…

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I'm watching Mob Wives. Nothing else is on. Where's a vicious hound to slay when you need one?

was head-butted by a bull.


Honey, what should I make for dinner?

I won't be home for dinner.


That's the fourth time this week! What's keeping you away?

Uh…War. Yeah, that's what it is.


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Trying to figure out how to download the new iBeer app for iPhone. It provides virtual Guinness to all Irish phones.

My abs just invented the eighteen-pack.

I cannot believe you spurned me, the goddess of war!

You had a booger in your nose. What did you expect?

Prepare for destruction.


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Do you still have that magic spear that I gave you?

Yeah. Why?


Hold onto that. I once lost it somewhere underneath my bed.

Don't worry. I don't sleep.


I'm free on Friday for drinks and some after-hours fun.


He's got plans that night, sweetie.

Ladies, ladies, relax. Fand, let's grab dinner, and Emer, we can have a nightcap.


Just as long as you don't lay one finger on her.



His fingers are crossed behind his back!

Fergus mac Roich

Let's go out for a drink.

Beer or whiskey?

The Red Branch

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