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Culhwch's Wall



I'm not gonna let you marry my daughter until you help me with a few things.

Fine. What do you need me to do?


You don't get to have much say here… I'm going to put you to work.


Hey, aren't we cousins or something?

I think so! BTW, would it be too early to ask for a royal favor?


Hey, Cully. I know it's hard to find time together, so come and see me at the creek tomorrow morning.

Sure. Why the creek?


That's the only time I'm alone. I take a bath every morning in the creek.

Why is there no "love this" button?

Twrch Trwyth

I'm the fastest boar in all the land. You'll never be able to catch me!

I can't even pronounce your name. Let's work on that first.

is playing Legend of Zelda because he's so sick of doing labors.

King Arthur

poked Culhwch in the ribs with Excalibur.

Culhwch's Stepmother

Hey, kiddo. How are those labors going?

I hate you! You were so pissed I wouldn't marry your daughter that you cursed me into only marrying Olwen. Now, in order to win her hand, I've got to do all this stuff. It's taking forever!

Culhwch's Stepmother

likes this.

is thinking of giving Hercules a call. He could use some advice.


Bro, let's go for a midnight ride tonight. Bareback! First dude to make it to the village wins!


What time is our date Saturday?

It's at seven. And please don't take an hour to get ready again. It was just me and your dad hanging out last time. Awkward!

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