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Cupid and Psyche
Cupid and Psyche
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Cupid and Psyche: Monster-in-Law Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Cupid and Psyche? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!




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Q. 1. Who is Psyche?

a. She's Venus' most devoted follower.
b. She's Zeus latest girlfriend.
c. She's the love of Cupid's life.
d. She's a human-eating ram.
Q. 2. Why does Venus hate Psyche?

a. Because she's so hot that she makes men forget to worship Venus.
b. Psyche trashed Venus' temple and filled it with seaweed.
c. Psyche stole Venus' magical cestus.
d. She doesn't hate Psyche.
Q. 3. What does Venus do to get revenge on Psyche?

a. She curses her with really bad B.O.
b. She turns her into a black widow spider.
c. She makes her fall in love with Cupid, who will never love her back.
d. She sends Cupid to prick Psyche with an arrow, so that she'll fall in love with a hideous monster.
Q. 4. What happens when Cupid goes to carry out Venus' orders and sees Psyche?

a. He is so taken with her beauty that he accidentally pokes himself with his arrow.
b. He spills hot oil on her and burns her.
c. He makes her fall in love with Cerberus, Hades' three-headed dog.
d. He chickens out when he sees her huge guard dogs.
Q. 5. What does the Oracle tell Psyche's parents to do?

a. The Oracle tells her parents to send her to boarding school.
b. The Oracle tells her parents to FedEx Psyche to Zeus.
c. The Oracle tells her parents to leave her on top of a mountain.
d. The Oracle tells her parents to send her to the underworld.
Q. 6. After Psyche is abandoned by her parents, who carries Psyche away to a field?

a. Cupid
b. Venus
c. Psyche's charming sisters
d. Zephyrus, the west wind
Q. 7. What do Psyche's sisters convince her to do?

a. They convince her to leave her fancy castle and her gorgeous husband and wander the world by herself.
b. They convince her to trash Venus' temple.
c. They convince her to sneak a peek at her husband, who only comes to her at night when it is completely dark.
d. They convince her to give them all of her riches and possessions.
Q. 8. Why does Cupid get so angry with Psyche?

a. He realizes she's only pretending to be immortal.
b. She borrows his bow and arrows.
c. She sneaks a peek at him one night.
d. She sleeps with Zeus and gives birth to the hero Perseus.
Q. 9. What happens to Psyche's sisters?

a. Cupid turns them into gorgons (monsters).
b. They fall in love with their reflections when gazing into a stream one day.
c. They jump off a mountaintop, hoping that Zephyrus will carry them away and deliver them to handsome husbands.
d. They sacrifice five doves to Venus and vow to be her loyal followers.
Q. 10. What does Ceres advise Psyche to do?

a. She advises Psyche to move to the underworld.
b. She advises Psyche to go back to the mountaintop and build a fort.
c. She suggests that Psyche go to Venus and beg for forgiveness.
d. She suggests that Psyche become Medusa's intern.
Q. 11. What is the first task that Venus orders Psyche to do?

a. She orders Psyche to organize all the different kinds of grain in her storehouse.
b. She orders Psyche to go borrow some beauty from Proserpine (Persephone) in the underworld.
c. She orders Psyche to clean out all of the horse poop in her stables.
d. She orders Psyche to divert the Tiber River.
Q. 12. What is the second task that Venus orders Psyche to do?

a. Psyche must tame Cerberus and make him her pet.
b. Psyche must collect golden fleece from the back of every human-eating sheep in a herd that hangs out by a river.
c. Psyche must eat a bull's heart raw.
d. Psyche must spin a bunch of straw into gold.
Q. 13. What is the third task that Venus orders Psyche to do?

a. Psyche must make a coat out of the human-eating sheep's golden fleece.
b. Psyche must retrieve Venus' missing cestus from the River Styx.
c. Psyche must bring a little bit of Proserpine's (Persephone's) beauty back from the underworld.
d. Psyche must transform herself into a laurel tree.
Q. 14. Who is Charon?

a. He is the ferryman of the underworld.
b. He is Psyche's mortal suitor.
c. He is the Oracle predicts Psyche's future.
d. He is the dog that guards the gateway to the underworld.
Q. 15. Who is Cerberus?

a. Psyche's oldest sister
b. A messenger of Zeus
c. Another name for Cupid
d. The vicious three-headed dog who guards the underworld
Q. 16. What happens when Psyche opens the box that Proserpine (Persephone) gives her?

a. She is forced to stay in the underworld forevermore.
b. She unleashes all of the evils of the world, but Hope remains in the box.
c. She falls instantly in love with Hades.
d. She's plunged into a deep sleep and collapses in the middle of the road.
Q. 17. What happens after Psyche delivers the box safely to Venus?

a. Venus turns her into a spider.
b. Zeus invites Psyche to Olympus where he makes her immortal.
c. Cupid turns her to stone.
d. Venus turns her into a goddess and blesses her marriage with Cupid.
Q. 18. What is Psyche the goddess of?

a. Curiosity
b. Cats
c. The soul
d. Persuasion