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Exactly how steamy is this story?


Steamy? Not so much. The water here is cooler than room temperature, straight from the tap. For real. At one point in the narrative, someone is delicately trying to tell our narrator that his mother had an affair, and they have this conversation:

And Mrs. Alexander said, "Your mother, before she died, was very good friends with Mr. Shears."

And I said, "I know."

And she said, "No, Christopher. I'm not sure that you do. I mean that they were very good friends. Very, very good friends."

I thought about this for a while and said, "Do you mean that they were doing sex?"

And Mrs. Alexander said, "Yes, Christopher. That is what I mean." (89.80-84)

So, yeah, if you want steamy, you'll have to look elsewhere. We're not sure we even have a kettle.

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