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Cyclopes Photos

    A Cyclopean Martyr
    Polyphemus didn't deserve to be blinded by that little twerp Odysseus. [The Cyclops Polyphemus by Annibale Carracci, 1595-1605]

    Odysseus vs. Polyphemus
    Just look how twerpy Odysseus is. [Odysseus in the Cave of Polyphemus by Jakob Jordaens, 17th century]

    Polyphemus for President
    How could you not want this guy in charge? [Polyphemus by Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein, 1802]

    Polyphemus in Love
    This is when he was crushin' on that nymph Galatea (later he crushed her boyfriend, Acis, with a rock). [Polyphemus pining for the nymph Galatea, 1681. Reception piece for the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture]

    She Didn't Know What She Was Missing
    What was Galatea thinking? Not only was Polyphemus ruggedly handsome, he also majorly rocks out on the pan flute. [Galatea With Her Companions Before Polyphemus by Johann Carl, 17th century]

    Why Are These People Running?
    He just wants to have them for dinner. [Landscape With Polyphemus by Nicolas Poussin, 1649]

    Just look at that chiseled jaw and that big, beautiful eye. [Marble head of the Cyclops Polyphemos, found on the Greek island of Thasos. Either from 2nd Century B.C. (if Greek original) or a later Roman copy]

    I see yoooou... [The Cyclops by Odilon Redon, 1898-1900]

    Real Dignity
    Cyclops means wisdom. [Cyclops by Erasmus Francisci zu Nürnberg (Nuremberg), 1627-1680]