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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Cunning and Cleverness Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

CYRANO Now then, to make His Grace delay that quarter of an hour… I have it! – up here – (He steps on the bench, and climbs up the wall toward the balcony. The theorobos begin to play a mournful melody.) Sad music – Ah, a man!... (The music pauses on a sinister tremolo.) Oh – very much a man! (III. 450-453)

Again, Rostand cleverly plays with the idea of genders indicated in music. Comte de Guiche is a very powerful and respected man, so the music warning of his entrance is especially mournful and sinister. It ends on a string tremolo – as if even the musician is scared of him.

Quote #2

FIRST CADET I have something on my mind that troubles me. CYRANO What is that? FIRST CADET My stomach. CYRANO So have I. FIRST CADET No doubt You enjoy this! CYRANO (Tightens his belt.) It keeps me looking young. SECOND CADET My teeth are growing rusty. CYRANO Sharpen them! THIRD CADET My belly sounds as hollow as a drum. CYRANO Beat the long roll on it! FOURTH CADET My ears are ringing. Liar! A hungry belly has no ears. FIFTH CADET Oh for a barrel of good wine! CYRANO (Offers him his own helmet.) Your casque. SIXTH CADET I’ll swallow anything! CYRANO (Throws him the book which he has in his hand.) Try the "Iliad." SEVENTH CADET The Cardinal, he has four meals a day – What does he care! CYRANO Ask him; he really ought To send you…a spring lamb out of his flock, Roasted whole – THE CADET Yes, and a bottle - CYRANO (Exaggerates the manner of one speaking to a servant.) If you please, Richelieu – a little more of the Red Seal… Ah, thank you! THE CADET And the salad – CYRANO Of course – Romaine! (IV. 50-65)

Cyrano uses his clever wordplay for good, in this case to distract the men from their hunger.

Quote #3

ROXANE (Comes out of the coach.) Good morning! (At the sound of a woman’s voices, every head is raised. Sensation.) DE GUICHE On the King’s service - You? ROXANE Yes – my own king – Love! (IV. 234-235)

Roxane shows her cleverness by making a pun on "king"; it is clever enough to get her through the enemy Spanish lines.

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