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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac


by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Line)

Quote #28

Every week,
My old friend [Cyrano] takes the place of my Gazette,
Brings me all the news. Every Saturday,
Under that tree where you are now, his chair
Stands, if the day be find. I wait for him,
Embroidering; the hour strikes; then I hear,
(I need not turn to look!) at the last stroke,
His cane tapping the steps. He laughs at me
For my eternal needlework. He tells
The story of the past week— (V.49-58)

Cyrano has resigned himself merely to seeing Roxane without having her love; because of his desire to see her happy, this is enough for him.

Quote #29

It is not violence I fear for him,
But solitude—poverty—old gray December,
Stealing on wolf’s feet, with a wolf’s green eyes,
Into his darkening roof. Those bravoes yet
May strike our Swordsman down! Every day now,
He draws his belt up one hold; his poor nose
Looks like old ivory; he has one coat
Left—his old black serge. (V.67-74)

Le Bret knows Cyrano so well that he rightly fears loneliness will be our hero’s undoing, instead of violence at the hands of his enemies. His insight is, for the first time, wrong. Cyrano dies from a chance accident that was motivated by the vengeful Comte.

Quote #30

His letter… and you read it so…
(The darkness increases imperceptibly.)
"Cries out and keeps crying: 'Farewell, my dear,
My dearest—'"
In a voice…
"—My own heart’s own,
My own treasure—"
ROXANE (dreamily)
In such a voice…
"—My love—"
As I remember hearing…
(she trembles)
—long ago…
(She comes near him, softly, without his seeing her; passes the chair, leans over silently, looking at the letter. The darkness increases.)
"—I am never away from you. Even now,
I shall not leave you. In another world,
I shall be still that one who loves you, loves you
Beyond measure, beyond—" (V.239-247)

Roxane can only recognize the letter as Cyrano’s because the room is getting darker; when she can’t see his face, she cannot judge him for his appearance. Her love is then genuine.

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