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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac


by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Line)

Quote #34

Le Bret—I shall be up there presently
In the moon—without having to invent
Any flying machines!
What are you saying?...
The moon—yes, that would be the place for me—
My kind of paradise! I shall find there
Those other souls who should be friends of mine—
LE BRET (Revolting)
No! No! No!
It is too idiotic—too unfair—
Such a friend— such a poet—such a man—
To die so—to die so!— (V.326-334)

Even in death, Cyrano still tries to fight practicality with his outlandish dreaming and gallantry.

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