Cyrano de Bergerac
Cyrano de Bergerac
by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes Page 12

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Quote #34

Le Bret – I shall be up there presently
In the moon – without having to invent
Any flying machines!
What are you saying?...
The moon – yes, that would be the place for me –
My kind of paradise! I shall find there
Those other souls who should be friends of mine –
Socrates – Galileo –
LE BRET (Revolting)
No! No! No!
It is too idiotic – too unfair –
Such a friend – such a poet – such a man –
To die so – to die so! – (V. 326 – 334)

Even in death, Cyrano still tries to fight practicality with his outlandish dreaming and gallantry.

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