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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

CYRANO She knows that I exist – no matter why! LE BRET So now, you are going to be happy. CYRANO Now!... (Beside himself) I – I am going to be a storm – a flame – I need to fight whole armies all alone; I have ten hearts; I have a hundred arms; I feel Too strong to war with mortals – (He shouts at the top of his voice.) BRING ME GIANTS! (I. 620-625)

Cyrano is so in love with Roxane that her mere acknowledgement of his existence sends him into raptures. This interaction is then responsible for his victory against the assassins.

Quote #2

ROXANE And such a man! – He is proud – noble – young – brave – beautiful – (II. 201-202)

Roxane pretends her love is based on virtue, but we know that her final description of Christian as "beautiful" is reflective of her actual mindset.

Quote #3

ROXANE And I thought You…You were so brave, so invincible Yesterday, against all those brutes! – If, you, Whom they all fear – CYRANO Oh well – I will defend Your little Baron. ROXANE Will you? Just for me? Because I have always been – your friend! CYRANO Of course… ROXANE Will you be his friend? CYRANO I will be his friend. ROXANE And never let him fight a duel? CYRANO No – never. ROXANE Oh, but you are a darling! – I must go – You never told me about last night – Why, You must have been a hero! Have him write And tell me all about it – will you? CYRANO Of course…(II. 233-244)

Does Cyrano help Christian because of this, Roxane’s request, or does he do it for selfish reasons?

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