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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

LE BRET Yes… (After a silence, draws Cyrano’s arm through his own.) Tell this to all the world – And then to me Say very softly that…She loves you not. (II. 459-461)

Again, Le Bret is the only character to truly understand Cyrano and the complexity of his love.

Quote #2

CYRANO Do you not know I am her brother? Come! CHRISTIAN Whose? – CYRANO Hers – Roxane! CHRISTIAN Her…brother? You? (Hurries to him.) CYRANO Her cousin. Much the same. CHRISTIAN And she has told you?... CYRANO Everything. CHRISTIAN She loves me? CYRANO Perhaps. Christian: (Takes both his hands.) My dear sir – more than I can say, I am honored – CYRANO This is rather sudden. Christian: Please Forgive me – (II. 526-532)

Only when Christian learns that Cyrano is Roxane’s cousin does he ask his forgiveness; his actions, like Cyrano’s, are driven entirely by desire for Roxane.

Quote #3

CYRANO (change of tone) Roxane expects a letter – CHRISTIAN Not from me? Yes. Why not? CHRISTIAN Once I write, that ruins all! CYRANO And why? CHRISTIAN Because…because I am a fool! Stupid enough to hang myself! CYRANO But no – You are no fool; you call yourself a fool, There’s proof enough in that. Besides, you did not Attack me like a fool. CHRISTIAN Bah! Any one Can pick quarrel. Yes, I have a sort Of rough and ready soldier’s tongue. I know That. But with any woman – paralyzed, Speechless, dumb. I can only look at them. Yet sometimes, when I go away, their eyes… CYRANO Why not their hearts, if you would wait and see? CHRISTIAN No. I am one of those – I know – those men Who never can make love. CYRANO Strange…Now it seems I, if I gave my mind to it, I might Perhaps make love well. CHRISTIAN Oh, if I had words To say what I have here! CYRANO If I could be A handsome little Musketeer with eyes! CHRISTIAN Besides – you know Roxane – how sensitive – One rough word, and the sweet illusion – gone! CYRANO I wish you might be my interpreter. CHRISTIAN I wish I had your wit – CYRANO Borrow it, then! Your beautiful young manhood – lend me that, And we two make one hero of romance! (II. 536 – 560)

Both men are so desperate for Roxane’s love that they are willing to manipulate each other to achieve their ends.

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