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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

ROXANE But…Poetry? CYRANO Love hates that game of words! It is a crime to fence with life – I tell you, There comes one moment, once – and God help those Who pass that moment by! – when Beauty stands Looking into the soul with grave, sweet eyes That sicken at pretty words! (III. 293-298)

With Love comfortably established as a personified being now, Cyrano claims that at some point Love comes to hate shallowness – embodied by fancy but fruitless words to one’s lover. Words to Cyrano seem passive in comparison to action.

Quote #2

ROXANE And when that moment comes to you and me – What words will you?... CYRANO All those, all those, all those That blossom in my heart, I’ll fling to you – Armfuls of loose bloom! Love, I love beyond! Breath, beyond reason, beyond love’s own power Of loving! Your name is like a golden bell Hung in my heart; and when I think of you I tremble, and the bell swings and rings – "Roxane!" … "Roxane!"…along my veins, "Roxane!"… I know All small forgotten things that once meant You – I remember last year, the First of May, A little before noon, you had your hair Drawn low, that one time only. Is that strange? You know how, after looking at the sun, One sees red suns everywhere – so, for hours After the flood of sunshine that you are, My eyes are blinded by your burning hair! ROXANE (very low) Yes…that is…Love (III. 300-316)

Cyrano sees love as obsession; how does this compare to Christian’s view?

Quote #3

CYRANO Yes, that is Love – that wind Of terrible and jealous beauty, blowing Over me – that dark fire, that music… Yet Love seeketh not his own! Dear, you may take My happiness to make you happier, Even though you never know I gave it you – Only let me hear sometimes, all alone, The distant laughter of your joy!...(III.316-323)

Cyrano presents two competing aspects of love – one that is selfish and "jealous," and another that is completely selfless (and wants Roxane to "take / My happiness to make you happier"). These are the two sides of love competing in Cyrano; one side wants Roxane for himself, and the other wants to make her happy by letting her love the one she wants to – Christian.

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