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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac

by Edmond Rostand
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Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

CYRANO I never Look at you, but there’s some new virtue born In me, some new courage. Do you begin To understand, a little? Can you feel My soul, there in the darkness, breathe on you? (III. 323-327)

Love inspires new superhuman courage in Cyrano. This recalls the final "Bring me giants!" scene in Act I where Cyrano, spurred on by Roxane’s acknowledgement of him, spends his newfound courage fighting off 100 men.

Quote #2

LE BRET Horrible! CARBON Why, yes. All of that. LE BRET Mordious! CARBON (Gesture toward the sleeping Cadets)Swear gently – You might wake them. (To Cadets) Go to sleep – Hush! – (To Le Bret) Who sleeps dines. LE BRET I have insomnia. God! What a famine. (Firing off stage.) CARBON Curse that musketry! They’ll wake my babies. (IV. 1-5)

Though Captain Carbon is ultimately a fighting man, he loves his Cadets with an almost motherly tenderness.

Quote #3

CYRANO (Appears on the parapet) Bergerac, idiot! LE BRET (Goes to meet him.) Thank God again! CYRANO (Signs to him not to wake anyone.)Hush! LE BRET Wounded? CYRANO No – They always miss me – quite A habit by this time! LE BRET Yes, you can laugh – Risking a life like yours to carry letters – Where are you going now? CYRANO (At the tent door)To write another. (IV. 29-32)

Le Bret, Cyrano’s closest friend, worries about him risking his life every morning to send a love letter. Obviously not bothered by Le Bret’s concerns, Cyrano makes it clear that he values love more than life.

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