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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac


by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac Love Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Line)

Quote #25

CYRANO (low and quick, in Christian’s ear, while ROXANE is dipping into the water a strip of linen torn from her dress.)
I have told her; she loves you.
(CHRISTIAN closes his eyes.) (IV.524)

Cyrano lies to Christian not because he values the man as a friend, but because his selfless love for Roxane (his desire for her to be happy) has defeated his selfish love (his desire to have her for himself).

Quote #26

And his last letter—always at your heart?
It hangs here, like a holy reliquary.
Dead—and you love him still! (V.44-46)

Roxane’s love for Christian transcends death; de Guiche, with his shallow vision of love, cannot understand this.

Quote #27

Sometimes I think
He has not altogether died; our hearts
Meet, and his love flows all around me, living. (V.46-48)

This is an expression of Roxane’s immortal love for Christian; for her, he is still alive.

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