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Cyrano de Bergerac

Cyrano de Bergerac


by Edmond Rostand

Cyrano de Bergerac Versions of Reality Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Act.Line)

Quote #16

Tell me now
The Court news—my gazette!
Let me see—
CYRANO (More and more pale, struggling against pain)
Saturday, the nineteenth: The King fell ill,
After eight helpings of grape marmalade.
His malady was brought before the court,
Found guilty of high treason; whereupon
His Majesty revived. The royal pulse
Is now normal. Sunday, the twentieth:
The Queen gave a grand ball, at which they burned
Seven hundred and sixty-three wax candles. Note:
They say our troops have been victorious
In Austria. Later: Three sorcerers
Have been hung. Special post: The little dog
Of Madame d’Athis was obliged to take
Four pills before—
Monsieur de Bergerac,
Will be kindly be quiet!
Monday… nothing.
Lygdamire has a new lover.
Oh! (V.193-209)

Roxane’s concerns are frivolous when compared to Cyrano’s state of near-death. She wants only news of the court, a circle of society in which she no longer plays a part. Cyrano’s recounting tells of the trivial details of love affairs and the pets of famous names. Cyrano’s Gazette recalls our modern-day tabloids.

Quote #17

CYRANO (To Ragueneau)
The Scene
Went well?...
Ah, monsieur, they laughed—and laughed—
How they did laugh!
Yes—that has been my life…
Do you remember that night Christian spoke
Under your window? It was always so!
While I stood in the darkness underneath,
Others climbed up to win the applause—the kiss!—
Well—that seems only justice—I still say,
Even now, on the threshold of my tomb—
"Molière has genius—Christian had good looks—" (V.295-303)

Cyrano’s words about himself, that while he "stood in the darkness underneath, / Others climbed up to win the applause" likens his life to a play, a made-up story, and somewhat deprives it of a gritty sense of reality.

Quote #18

You shall not die! I love you!
That is not in the story! You remember
When Beauty said "I love you" to the Beast
That was a fairy prince, his ugliness
Changed and dissolved, like magic… But you see
I am still the same. (V.308-313)

Cyrano likens his tragic life to a fairy tale. Though we would expect such a story to end happily, Cyrano deals us a reality check; he has not transformed into a handsome prince and his ending is far from happy.

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