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Case File: The People of Crete vs. King Cocalus, Cocalus' Daughters, and Daedalus

Police Reports

Case Description: Complainants (the People of Crete) accuse Defendants (King Cocalus, Cocalus' Daughters, and Daedalus) of first-degree murder. After Daedalus solved the riddle of the thread and the seashell, King Minos was sure that he was hiding out in the court of King Cocalus and demanded that the inventor be turned over to him. Cocalus said he would, but suggested that first, Minos might like Cocalus' daughters to give him a bath. Unfortunately for Minos, this was the last bath he would ever take, because either Cocalus' daughters or Daedalus himself poured boiling water into the bath, killing King Minos.

Case Status: Case dismissed. The incident happened on Sicilian soil, on which King Cocalus is the highest judge. As you might guess, he decided that he, his daughters, and Daedalus were all innocent of any wrongdoing. Who is Minos to go around demanding things anyway? Jerk deserved to be boiled.

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