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Daedalus Gossip

Spotted... on Mount Olympus or Asgard. xoxo Gossip Shmoop

Daedalus thinks it's awesome that there's a class of starships named after him in the Star Trek series. He totally deserves it.

The D-man has a famous namesake in Stephen Dedalus, the main character of James Joyce's Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man and Ulysses.

There's a crater on our moon, an asteroid, and a planet all named after Daedalus. We're pretty sure Daedalus is proudest of the planet. (Source).

In 1988, tears of pride ran down Daedalus' cheeks when MIT launched a man-powered aircraft named after him.

If you're into scuba diving, go check out the Red Sea coral reef that's named for Daedalus.

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