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Daedalus's Wall


Invented a new flying machine today. It's brilliant!

Cool. What is it?

I call it my gyro-whirly flyer.

Sounds great. What kind of wings did you use?

Not wax. I hope. LOL.

That was a perfectly workable model.

Not for me.

Everybody knows it was your fault that you died, Icarus. Your dad told you not to fly too close to the sun.


Explain your new machine, Daedalus. What kind of wings?

No wings at all.


I devised a rotating blade, which I welded onto the roof. It lifts the air vessel directly into the sky.

I think there might already be a machine like that.


It's called a helicopter.

It's funny what you miss down here in the Underworld…

I wish I knew who my mother was. Everybody tells me something different.







Definitely not me.

Be honest Athena. Wouldn't it explain my intelligence and ingenuity?

I am a virgin goddess. That is the end of this discussion.

Whatever, let me tell you a couple stories about Athena's college days...


I will always hate you Daedalus.

Holding grudges is an illogical and unproductive activity.


You helped my wife conceive with a bull.



You helped my daughter help Theseus kill the Minotaur.



You helped Cocalus' daughters boil me to death in a bathtub.

I don't see your point.


I have several reasons to hold a grudge against you!

Hey, I killed my nephew Perdix in cold blood, and now he's doing an
internship with me down in my Underworld workshop.


Love you, Uncle D!


You people are twisted.

Everyone must come by my workshop to witness the inaugural demonstration of my new automaton. It's so life like.

Those robots creep me out. How can you watch Battlestar Galactica and
still make those things?

My automatons would never rebel and destroy the majority of the human race.

Famous last words…

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