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Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller


by Henry James

Daisy Miller: No he didn't! Match the Jamesian description to the character True or False

1. "She had a long, pale face, a high nose, and a great deal of very striking white hair, which she wore in large puffs and rouleaux over the top of her head." -> Mrs. Walker
2. "[A] small, spare, light person, with a wandering eye, a very exiguous nose, and a large forehead, decorated with a certain amount of thin, much frizzled hair." -> Mrs. Costello
3. "She was dressed in white muslin, with a hundred frills and flounces, and knots of pale-colored ribbon. She was bareheaded, but she balanced in her hand a large parasol, with a deep border of embroidery; and she was strikingly, admirably pretty." -> Mrs. Miller
4. "A tall, handsome man, with superb whiskers, wearing a velvet morning coat and a brilliant watch chain" -> Eugenio
5. "He had a handsome face, an artfully poised hat, a glass in one eye, and a nosegay in his buttonhole." -> Giovanelli