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Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller


by Henry James

 Table of Contents

Daisy Miller Characters

Meet the Cast

Daisy Miller

Fresh as a DaisyHate to break it to you, but Daisy Miller's not her real name—it's Annie P. Miller. But the fact that she's called "Daisy" should give you some clue right off the bat as to how we...

Frederick Winterbourne

Winterbourne's name implies that he's quickly headed into old age, even though he's only twenty-seven. And let's face it—his cold, calm demeanor contrasts with Daisy's bubbly warmth. It's no coin...

Mr. Giovanelli

Mr. Giovanelli is Daisy's not-so-serious love interest when she's in Rome. He's a good singer, a good dancer, a snappy dresser, and he has a superb mustache. What more could you ask for in a vacati...

Mrs. Costello

When Mr. Winterbourne is in Geneva and in Rome, he stays with his aunt, Mrs. Costello, the biggest proponent of the high-class snobbery that tries to keep a girl like Daisy down. Mrs. Costello has...

Mrs. Walker

An ironically named character if there ever was one, this lady is always either seated or cruising around in her fancy carriage giving out condescending looks left and right like they were event fl...

Mrs. Miller

Oh, Mrs. Miller. You can think of her with wincey pity every time you see someone's mom running after the school bus in a nightie waving a bag lunch or dumping the whole caddy of sugar packets from...

Randolph Miller

Little Randolph Miller has his sister's spirit in a rougher, even more immature, masculinized form. He's loud and brash and doesn't want to do anything that anyone else wants to do. Daisy claims Ra...


Eugenio is the Italian courier to the Miller family. He orchestrates their visits and travelling arrangements and waits on them as is customary for a travelling servant. That's where the customarin...
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