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Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller


by Henry James

Daisy Miller Timeline and Summary

  • Daisy meets Winterbourne in the garden at the Trois Couronnes and impresses him with her zesty chatter.
  • Daisy and Winterbourne head to the castle at Chillon together—they're on a boat!
  • At Chillon, that sly Daisy guesses that Winterbourne has a girlfriend in Geneva, and he's all "how did you know?!" She's no slouch.
  • D. is bummed that W. is on his way back to Geneva, and presumably the arms of his lady love, so she makes him promise to meet her in Rome the following winter.
  • When in Rome, Daisy does as the Americans in Rome do, and visits Mrs. Walker's place, where she—surprise!—runs into Winterbourne.
  • Winterbourne finds out Daisy's status has switched from "single"to "it's complicated." She apparently has loads of Italian admirers.
  • After laying on some more of the Daisy charm and cuteness,she convinces Mrs. Walker to invite her and her numero uno boyfriend, Mr.Giovanelli, to an upcoming party.
  • Daisy leaves Mrs. Walker's to walk to the Pincio (a public plaza) to meet Giovanelli. Winterbourne insists on accompanying her.
  • Mrs. Walker follows the duo to the plaza in her carriage and tries to get Daisy in there in order to avoid scandal. Daisy would rather continue to promenade in the sun with an admirer on either arm. Girl knows how to work it.
  • Mrs. Walker's highly anticipated party arrives. Daisy doesn't arrive until eleven—and she's been alone with Mr. Giovanelli.
  • Mrs. Walker snubs Daisy as she's leaving the party, giving her the cold shoulder when she comes to say goodbye. Ouch.
  • Winterbourne keeps coming to find Daisy at her hotel and missing her. That's because D's been hanging out with Giovanelli day and night, all over Rome.
  • Gossip about Daisy spreads like nutella on a crepe (but not nearly so delicious).
  • On a dark, romantic evening, Daisy goes to the Colosseum with Giovanelli. It's hot and humid and she contracts Roman fever (malaria). This can't be good.
  • Daisy's sick and getting sicker. Giovanelli never comes to visit, proving he was not the dream boat Daisy might have thought him to be.
  • Daisy tells her mother to tell Winterbourne that she was never really engaged to Giovanelli.
  • Our fair heroine dies of Roman fever and gets buried in the Protestant cemetery in Rome. Her grave is covered in—you guessed it—daisies.