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Daisy Miller
Daisy Miller
by Henry James
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Daisy Miller Dissatisfaction Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I haven't got any teeth to hurt. They have all come out. I have only got seven teeth. My mother counted them last night, and one came out right afterward. She said she'd slap me if any more came out. I can't help it. It's this old Europe. It's the climate that makes them come out. In America they didn't come out. It's these hotels." (1.9)

It's hard to sympathize with a nine-year-old who's sick of his European vacation, but just think of all of the edifying schooling he's missing!

Quote #2

"She declared that the hotels were very good, when once you got used to their ways, and that Europe was perfectly sweet. She was not disappointed—not a bit." (1.63)

Americans, including Daisy's own brother Randolph, famously complained about European hotels. This goes to show that Daisy's happy as a clam wherever she goes.

Quote #3

"Our courier says they take you right up to the castle," the young girl continued. "We were going last week, but my mother gave out. She suffers dreadfully from dyspepsia. She said she couldn't go. Randolph wouldn't go either; he says he doesn't think much of old castles. But I guess we'll go this week, if we can get Randolph." (1.74)

Dyspepsia is a digestive disorder that tends to affect the rich in novels. Though it's a real and sometimes serious illness, here it's more meant to be like "oh, I just had so many truffles!" With Mrs. M's tummy troubles and Randolph, who's sick of castles, the Millers are quickly becoming dissatisfied with the world and its delights. Not so for Daisy, though.

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