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Daisy Miller
Daisy Miller
by Henry James
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Daisy Miller Hypocrisy Quotes Page 2

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Quote #4

"If, after what happens—at Vevey and everywhere—you desire to keep up the acquaintance, you are very welcome. Of course a man may know everyone. Men are welcome to the privilege!" (2.3)

The gender double standard: the oldest hypocritical stance in the proverbial book.

Quote #5

"In such a case," his companion answered, "I don't wish to be clever; I wish to be earnest!"

"Well, your earnestness has only offended her and put her off."

"It has happened very well," said Mrs. Walker. "If she is so perfectly determined to compromise herself, the sooner one knows it the better; one can act accordingly." (2.117-9)

Mrs. Walker just wants to be earnest. Right. And reality TV stars just want a quiet, normal life.

Quote #6

The young girl looked at him more gravely, but with eyes that were prettier than ever. "I have never allowed a gentleman to dictate to me, or to interfere with anything I do."

"I think you have made a mistake," said Winterbourne. "You should sometimes listen to a gentleman—the right one." (2.86-87)

Always listen to someone who tells you to only listen to them, right? Winterbourne's idea that he's "the right one" is totally based on his own tradition and cultural biases.

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