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Daisy Miller

Daisy Miller


by Henry James

Daisy Miller Resources


The Good Ol' American Internet

This full-text version of Daisy Miller is completely searchable and has a nice pic of James scowling at you from the corner. Can't go wrong.

For the Weak of Heart

Here's another one, sans scowling James. Just in case.

The Henry James Resource Center

Your one-stop shop for everything James: e-texts, scholarship, essays, articles, photos, a detailed biography, you name it.

"You were ground in the very mill of the conventional" (And other Jamesian insults)

Look no further for a concise collection of James gems. Use them to impress friends with your wisdom and/or burn enemies at public gatherings.

Movies or TV

Cybill Shepherd Looking Like She Has to Pee for 91 Minutes

The costumes and sets in this 1974 film adaptation are pretty great, and it remains impressively faithful to the plot of the original. Unfortunately, it has next to no zing due to an utter lack of chemistry between Shepherd and Barry Brown—wait, who? Exactly. It was not a huge hit with critics.

Semi-Unrelated Episode of the Classic Television Masterpiece Gilmore Girls

This episode is called "Goodbye Daisy Miller." We're guessing the reference has to do with Rory's loss of innocence after sleeping with Dean. Also, she goes to Europe. Well done, CW. Well done, indeed.

Articles and Interviews

Daisy Goes to the Theatre by Henry James

James wrote a dramatic version of the story that was published in the popular and well-respected magazine the Atlantic Monthly and is available in its original form online.

Hypertext Daisy (with pictures!)

Like to look at footnotes but hate page flipping? This is for you. Plus it has the original color illustrations that accompanied the volume publication of the text.

Awesome Blog Post Rant about Daisy's Name

This writer dislikes the obviousness of "the headline 'WINTER KILLS FLOWER!'"

"Yes, sir. It's the American lady from that magazine."

Cynthia Ozick imagines interviewing James from beyond the grave—and takes him to task for some of his regrettable misogyny.


The Castle at Chillon

This photo makes us want to go there in a steamboat, too!

The Colosseum at Night

Pretty nice for a malaria-infested sports arena…

Pincio Plaza

This looks like an ideal place to go for a public walk with two young men, don't you think?

HJ: Up Close and Personal

Sometimes he reminds us of Marlon Brando. Sigh.


Italian Musicality

Watch this ridiculously awkward clip of Giovanelli singing in the film version.


Listen to Daisy for Free While You Use the Elliptical or Drive Down the Coast

A complete, free audio book of the James novella. Unfortunately, the reader kind of sounds like a GPS.

Pay to Listen to Daisy While You Use the Elliptical or Drive Down the Coast

There are several good recordings available on audible.com in the range of seven dollars. We like this one because the narrator sounds like a delightful English inn-keeper.

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