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Dangerous Astronomy

Dangerous Astronomy


by Sherman Alexie

Dangerous Astronomy Resources


Alexie's Home Away from Home Homepage

Basically, everything you ever wanted to know about Sherman Alexie and probably a few things you didn't want to know but he'll tell you anyway. Seriously, between Twitter feeds, YouTube links, and the occasional political rant, this place has it all.

Sherman's the Man

Here's the biographical lowdown on your new favorite poet.

Poets.org's Take

The more bio, the better, right?

Epic Interview with Sherman Alexie on the Modern American Poetry Site

He's talking about fiction, but hey, the guy's good at everything, so it's still worth a read. Plus, who doesn't want to hear his take on racism, homophobia, and why writers are more important than doctors and lawyers?


One-Night Only

Actually, as many times as you press play. Here's "Dangerous Astronomy" backed by the Dixie Chicks. Okay, they're not singing the poem, but you get the idea.


We Told You He Loves Basketball

Here's a reading of one of Alexie's poems, "Why We Play Basketball", complete with animation.

Here's More Heart-Wrenching Poetry Written by Alexie.

It's not "Dangerous Astronomy" but it's just as good.

National Book Award Ceremony

He's kind of a big deal.


Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Sherman Alexie with a mullet. Yep. A glorious mullet.

All Tied Up

Sherman as a damsel in distress.


The Goods

A link for hand-bound signed copies of Alexie's "Dangerous Astronomy" in limited edition. Sweet.

Movies & TV

Warning! Smoke Signals Sighted!

Here's the fancy IMDB page for the movie, which Sherman Alexie wrote.

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