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Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda


by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda Chapter 12 Summary

  • Two days after the Archery Meeting, Grandcourt and Lush eat breakfast together.
  • We learn that Grandcourt has a lot of dogs. One of them, Fetch, is jealous of the attention that Grandcourt pays to the others and starts howling. Grandcourt asks Lush to get that "brute" away.
  • Lush asks Grandcourt if he plans to go to Quetcham (where the Arrowpoints live). He says he's not planning on it.
  • Grandcourt says he's not going to marry Catherine. Lush says that's too bad, because he and Grandcourt have plans for getting rid of Grandcourt's debts. It's not 100% certain that Grandcourt is going to inherit Sir Hugo's estate.
  • Grandcourt tells Lush that he plans to marry "the other girl" – that is, Gwendolen. He also mentions that Gwendolen doesn't like Lush.
  • We learn that Lush has been working for Grandcourt for the last fifteen years.  Grandcourt feels like he can kick Lush down the way he kicks his own dogs.
  • Lush enjoys living a comfortable life, and that's just what he gets with Grandcourt – even if it means that he's "kickable."

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