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Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda


by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda Chapter 28 Summary

  • After Grandcourt leaves, news about Gwendolen's engagement makes it over to the Rectory. Mr. and Mrs. Gascoigne and Anna come to hang out at Offendene.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gascoigne congratulate her. Anna is trying not to cry; she's been imagining that Rex is still in love with Gwendolen and secretly hopes that they can get married.
  • They all talk about what sort of life Gwendolen will lead, starting with a discussion of property.
  • We learn that Gwendolen has not been able to sleep at night, but she knows that she can't go back and change anything now. She knows that she has fixed her family's problems, but at the same time she can't stop thinking about Lydia Glasher and her children.
  • The next day, Mrs. Davilow brings Gwendolen a package that has arrived for her. It's a diamond ring and a note from Grandcourt. It also contains a check for 500 pounds. For Victorian England, this is a huge sum of money.
  • Mrs. Davilow says that she doesn't want to have to be dependent on Grandcourt. Gwendolen tells her mom not to say that or she won't marry him. Mrs. Davilow tells Gwendolen that she doesn't want to be the only reason for Gwendolen to marry Grandcourt.  This is something that Gwendolen doesn't want to hear. 
  • Gwendolen continues brooding. She decides that when she marries Grandcourt, she will try to influence him to act kindly towards Lydia's children.
  • Gwendolen keeps trying to justify her choice to marry Grandcourt. One possibility she recognizes is that she won't have any kids – that way, Lydia's son can be named as Grandcourt's heir!
  • Grandcourt comes to visit. He sort of flirts with her and then asks when they're going to get married. They decide on ten days from that day.
  • In the meantime, Lush hasn't heard anything official about the engagement, but he's been going by clues from Grandcourt's behavior.
  • Grandcourt tells Lush that he should probably find a new "arrangement." 
  • Grandcourt sits and thinks about Gwendolen. It's clear to him that she's not in love with him.
  • Lush goes and writes to Sir Hugo, telling him that Grandcourt needs some cash money. He suggests that they might be able to work something out financially to secure Diplow for Sir Hugo's family.
  • When we finish reading the letter, we switch perspectives – we're with Sir Hugo, who has also just finished reading it. Sir Hugo encourages Daniel to go visit Diplow. He also mentions that Grandcourt's fiancée is the same woman that Daniel saw at the roulette table.
  • Daniel agrees to go to Diplow. He's way more interested in going than he actually thought. 
  • We find out that it definitely was Daniel who repurchased Gwendolen's necklace.

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