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Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda


by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda Chapter 29 Summary

  • Grandcourt visits Offendene and asks Gwendolen to come visit Diplow, since his cousins are visiting.
  • Grandcourt tells Gwendolen that he has to go away for a couple of days. Gwendolen suspects that he's going to go visit Lydia.
  • Gwendolen asks Grandcourt who exactly is staying at Diplow. He says that Captain and Mrs. Torrington, and then someone that Gwendolen knows – "a young fellow with the Mallingers" – a.k.a., Daniel Deronda.  Gwendolen's heart skips a beat.
  • The next day, Gwendolen rides to Diplow. She doesn't feel angry with Daniel anymore, but she does dread seeing him.
  • When Gwendolen and Daniel meet, Daniel says that it's most likely that Gwendolen doesn't remember him. Gwendolen wonders if this means that he doesn't know she suspects him of returning her necklace.
  • Gwendolen tells him that, on the contrary, she remembers him and believes that he cast an evil eye on her roulette-playing.
  • Grandcourt and Daniel start talking about Jamaica. Gwendolen plays with her food and wonders what Daniel thinks about her.
  • Later, Gwendolen and Daniel banter about whether or not he approved of her gambling. It's pretty clear that he knows that she knows that he returned the necklace.
  • Later that night, Mrs. Davilow asks Gwendolen if it's really true that Daniel ruined her roulette game.
  • Mrs. Davilow mentions that Daniel has a sort of exotic look, and that she wouldn't be surprised if he had "foreign blood in his veins" (29.58). Then they talk about all the rumors surrounding Daniel's birth – namely, that everyone thinks that he's secretly Sir Hugo's son.
  • That night when she's getting into bed, Gwendolen asks her mom if men usually have children before they get married. Mrs. Davilow thinks that Gwendolen is still talking about Daniel and Sir Hugo.
  • Gwendolen lies awake all night, wondering if she's doing something wrong by marrying Grandcourt.
  • The next morning, Gwendolen rides out to go hunting for the first time since she went with Rex.
  • She thinks about how she now classifies Daniel in the same sort of category as Lydia Glasher and her kids.
  • Gwendolen really wants to have some time alone with Daniel so she can talk to him.
  • She rides up alongside Daniel on her horse and asks him why he disapproved of her gambling.  He tells her that he doesn't like gambling because he thinks it's unfortunate to make your gain out of another person's loss. Keep an eye out for this concept – it will keep coming back!
  • As the chapter ends, we find out that Grandcourt is going to take the train to Gadsmere.

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