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Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda


by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda Chapter 52 Summary

  • Daniel gets a letter from Hans. It's a long one. Let's jump in.
  • Hans says that, in Daniel's absence, he's been spending a lot of time with Mordecai and is starting to get a greater appreciation for all things Jewish.
  • He's also starting to realize that Mordecai's opinions accommodate his own beliefs and thoughts quite nicely – who knew?
  • Hans still has the hots for Mirah.
  • He reports that it's really endearing to watch Mirah and Mordecai together.
  • Also, Hans has recently been hanging out with Rex and Anna Gascoigne. It blows his mind that Gwendolen is their cousin.
  • Sir Hugo wants Hans to paint a portrait of his daughters.
  • Hans also reports that Gwendolen and Grandcourt are off yachting to the Mediterranean. (We knew that.)
  • The letter ends.
  • Daniel ordinarily would have been ticked off by the way Hans gushes about Mirah. Now, though, he realizes that any chance of Hans and Mirah getting together is all in Hans's imagination.
  • Mirah continues to "forget" that Daniel "isn't Jewish."
  • Mirah feels troubled and talks to Mrs. Meyrick about it.  It turns out she thinks she's seen her father. He's looking pretty shabby and awful these days.
  • Mirah ask Mrs. Meyrick if she should tell Mordecai that she's seen their dad. Mrs. Meyrick says that there's no reason to right now because she might not ever see her father again.
  • Mirah also realizes that she really doesn't like Gwendolen all that much.
  • Anna comes to visit the Meyricks. During their conversation it comes out that she and Gwendolen are cousins.  When they ask what her family thinks of Grandcourt, she's sort of close-lipped and diplomatic about it.
  • They all start talking about how great Daniel is and how it's too bad that only one woman will get to marry him. Mirah starts to get really intense.
  • Later, Mirah goes and talks to Mordecai about whether or not it bothers him that so much of Daniel's life is a secret to them. Mordecai says no.

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