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Daniel Deronda

Daniel Deronda


by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda Chapter 69 Summary

  • Daniel goes to visit Sir Hugo to tell him that he and Mirah are engaged.
  • We learn that Lady Mallinger always figured that Daniel would marry Gwendolen.
  • Gwendolen's family moves back to Offendene.
  • Daniel goes to visit Gwendolen twice without telling her any of the news about his identity or his engagement.
  • After a while, Daniel realizes he needs to tell Gwendolen everything.
  • Hans tells Daniel all about the whole past awkwardness between Rex and Gwendolen. We learn that Rex hasn't gone to visit her since she got back from Genoa. He wonders, though, if Gwendolen and Rex might eventually get married after all.
  • Daniel goes to see Gwendolen. He reveals that he's found out that he's Jewish.  He probably has a pretty good routine down by now.
  • He also tells Gwendolen he's going to leave England for a while to travel east and learn more about Jewish culture.
  • Daniel tells Gwendolen all about his relationships with Mordecai and Mirah. He reveals that he's going to marry Mirah.
  • Gwendolen starts sobbing. She tells him that her life will be better for having known him.
  • Daniel says he'll write to her. They may never see each other again, though.
  • When Mrs. Davilow finds Gwendolen, she's sitting alone in her room, totally motionless. Then she bursts into hysterics that last all day and night. But she keeps saying, "It's all right; I'm going to live."

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