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Character Role Analysis

Mirah to Gwendolen

For those of us who grew up reading comic books, we can think of Mirah and Gwendolen as the Betty and Veronica to Daniel's Archie. For those of you who are like, "huh?" let's just say that they are two very, very different girls with an interest in the same guy. Mirah and Gwendolen couldn't be more different, at least on face value, and it is through their differences that we get a better idea of whom each of the girls is. Mirah is sweet and meek. Gwendolen is pouty and spoiled. Mirah reveres her long-lost mother. Gwendolen bosses her mom around. Mirah wants to run away from the stage because she hates being displayed. Gwendolen wants to be admired and is determined to make a career on the stage – well, at least for a hot second, anyway. Still, both of them are united in the fact that they have deep-seated fears and worries, and they both look to Daniel as a source of strength and comfort.