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Guide Mentor

Character Role Analysis


From the second we meet Mordecai, he's got this scholarly, brooding vibe going on. He's deeply committed to studying Jewish thought and helping to gain a place in the world for his people. Mordecai comes in as a guide or mentor figure in the way that he acts as a teacher and guide to Daniel, cultivating Daniel's awareness of, and interest in, Jewish culture. Without completely realizing it at the time (though he immediately suspects that Daniel is in fact Jewish), Mordecai helps Daniel to understand his own identity by teaching him these lessons. Because he knows that he doesn't have long to live, Mordecai invests a significant amount of time in teaching Daniel about his work, his views, and his hopes to help create a new Jewish nation. By grooming Daniel to take on the task, Mordecai establishes a teacher/pupil relationship between himself and Daniel.