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Dante Alighieri Movies & TV

Dante's Inferno (1924)

Dante's scenes of horror are gripping on the page, but onscreen they can be just gross. This horror movie is only loosely based on Dante's Inferno. After a corrupt businessman is falsely accused of murder and executed, his soul travels to Hell.

Dante's Inferno (2007)

This movie recasts Dante's Inferno in a gritty, urban landscape. It is shot using a unique type of paper puppetry. Whatever you think of it, you certainly won't see anything else like it.

A Divina Comédia

This Portugese film is about a psychiatric ward whose inhabitants all believe that they are characters in major literary or religious works. Dante's Inferno is among the works that the delusional souls draw from.

Paolo e Francesca (1953)

This Italian film is about the passionate love and tragic death of Paolo and Francesca, the doomed lovers of The Inferno. It is based on a true story of a real couple that lived in Florence during Dante's time. Quite the scandal.

What Dreams May Come (1998)

This film, starring Robin Williams (and based on a novel by Richard Matheson), incorporates a number of themes echoing Dante's works. After Williams' character is killed in a car accident and his wife commits suicide from guilt, he travels to the underworld with a guide in order to rescue her.

Hannibal (2001)

In this scary, disgusting sequel to Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins plays Hannibal Lecter, a criminal hiding out in Florence in the guise of a scholar specializing in the work of Dante Alighieri. But he's not! He's actually a murderous monster! Stay the Dantean Hell away!

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