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Dante Alighieri Images

Dante Alighieri

Portrait by Botticelli, c. 1495

Dante by Giotto

Painting in the Bargello Palace, Florence

3-D Dante

Sculpture of the poet in Florence's Uffizi gallery.

Beata Beatrix

Dante's love, as painted by Rossetti.

Dante and Beatrice

A painting of the couple by Henry Holiday, 1883

Dante's Tomb, Ravenna

The site where his body is actually buried.

Dante's Tomb, Florence

Until Ravenna agrees to return the poet's remains to his hometown, this tomb in Santa Croce Church will stand empty.

The Gates of Hell

Rodin's breathtaking sculpture depicting The Inferno.

The World According to Dante

A map of the heavens and earth as described in the Divine Comedy .

The Map From Hell

The geography of Dante's Inferno

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