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Daughter of Smoke & Bone

Daughter of Smoke & Bone

by Laini Taylor

Daughter of Smoke & Bone Characters

Meet the Cast


Wishin' and Hopin'Our main girl Karou has hair the color of a Smurf and drawing skills that would make her pretty popular on deviantart.com. But aside from that, we don't know much about her early...


God's Gift to WomenWe were going to start off by talking about Akiva's lonely childhood, his hard life as a soldier, his conflicted feelings about war, and his strained relationship with his siblin...


Scary Tooth FairyAlthough he first appears in Karou's sketchbooks as a creature from her imagination, it soon becomes clear that Brimstone is real. Very real. His power and influence are pretty inc...

Izîl and Razgut

The Monkey on My BackPoor Izîl—not only does he have a name that we have no clue how to pronounce, he also has a giant, lecherous fallen angel clinging to his shoulders at all times of the day....


The Infamous Ex Kazimir represents Karou's past: sexy, reckless, fun, but full of regrets. See, right after Kazimir takes Karou's virginity, he breaks up with her. Akiva, on the other hand, is Karo...

Madrigal Kirin

Florence Nightingale You might think that the Daughter of Smoke and Bone in the book's title is Karou. You'd be right. But you might also think that the Daughter of Smoke and Bone in the book's tit...


Wolfman the MeanieIf Daughter of Smoke and Bone had a villain, it would have to be Thiago. Let's make a brief checklist of his villainous traits, shall we?Name that sounds like "Iago", that other g...


Oh, Zuzana.Karou's only friend may not have any magical powers, but that doesn't stop Karou from describing the feisty, diminutive Zuzana as a fairy who is "likely to be rabid, and bite" (4.25). Sw...

The Chimaera

Beast Wars The chimaera are like something out of an artist's imagination; they're these weird human-animal hybrid thingies. Most people think that they are just figments of Karou's imagination. Th...
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