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David Copperfield

David Copperfield

by Charles Dickens

David Copperfield: If You Like Magic, Boy Are You Going to Be Disappointed True or False

1. With whom does David live as a young boy?→His father and sister
2. Why is David sent away to school?→Because he bites his step-father’s hand
3. Where do Mr. Peggotty and his family live?→In an upside-down boat
4. Why does David return home?→Because he could have sworn he left the kitchen light on
5. David moves in with Miss Betsey Trotwood - who is she?→His aunt
6. While going to his new school, who becomes David’s best friend?→His diary, the only one who will put up with his tiresome drivel
7. Miss Betsey persuades David to pursue a career as a proctor, which is what?→A doctor
8. With whom does David fall in love?→His boss’ daughter
9. Why is Little Em’ly upset about her engagement to Ham?→She is in love with someone else
10. What happens after Dora dies?→David remarries