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The Day is Done

The Day is Done


by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Day is Done Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Can a poem cure your pain? Is that just wishful thinking? Have you ever read something and felt better right away?
  2. Do you think Longfellow would have liked TV? Would the guy in this poem have been just as happy watching American Idol?
  3. Do you think poems are universal? Do they mean the same thing at different times in history? Is this poem as fresh and "real" today as it was when it was written?
  4. Have you read this poem aloud? Give it a try… come on… Longfellow would be proud. Does it change the way you understand the poem?
  5. Have you ever read something to someone to cheer yourself up? How did you choose what to read?

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