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The Day is Done

The Day is Done


by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Day is Done Resources


A Silent Film on Longfellow

This is a little odd, but fun too: a silent educational film from the 1920s about Longfellow's life.  Kind of like an old-timey filmstrip.

Animated Photo of Longfellow Reading "The Day is Done"

These are a really big fad on the internet, although we're not exactly sure why.  A little creepy, but it's a good reading of the poem.



A nice painting of a youngish HWL.

Old Longfellow

A photo of the poet as an older man, looking a little cranky.


The Waif

Here's a scanned version of the anthology in which "The Day is Done" first appeared.  It's worth a look through to see how this poem looked in the original.


Harvard Library Exhibit

A web version of a museum exhibit, filled with cool facts and images form Longfellow's life.

Longfellow Info

A website dedicated to Longfellow, created by the Maine Historical Society. Here you can find a bio, the texts of many of his poems, and other resources.

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