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A Day No Pigs Would Die

A Day No Pigs Would Die


by Robert Newton Peck

A Day No Pigs Would Die Principles Quotes

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Quote #1

As I went down, losing my grip on the calf's neck, her hoof caught my shinbone and it really smarted. The only thing that made me get up and give the whole idea another go was when he bawled again.

I'd just wound up running away from Edward Thatcher and running away from the schoolhouse. I was feathered if I was going to run away from one darn more thing. (1.9-10)

As if dealing with a bully isn't enough for one day, now Rob has to act as midwife for a thousand-pound cow. But that's what this boy learned from Papa—you won't get anywhere by running away from things.

Quote #2

"Never miss a chance," Papa had once said, "to keep your mouth shut." And the more I studied on it, the sounder it grew. (10.13)

Oh, Papa. So wise. Shmoop sure could use that reminder once in a while. In fact, it reminds us of something Mark Twain once said: "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" (source). Zing!

Quote #3

There I be. Me, at Rutland Fair, marching around a big sawdust ring with all the people clapping their hands and pointing at Bob and Bib. It made my heart pound so hard I felt it was going to pump out right there in that ring. I was wishing that Mama and Papa and Aunt Carrie could see. Pinky, too. It was sinful, but I wanted the whole town of Learning to see me just this once. If only Edward Thatcher could see. And Jacob Henry, and Becky Tate. (10.29)

Oops. Can't let those sinful prideful thoughts take over your mind, Rob. Remember—plain is as plain does.

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