Death of a Salesman
Death of a Salesman
by Arthur Miller

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Death of a Salesman Abandonment Quotes Page 4

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Quote 10

BIFF: I was hoping not to go this way.

WILLY: Well, this is the way you’re going. Good-bye.

[Biff looks at him a moment, then turns sharply and goes to the stairs].

WILLY [stops him]: May you rot in hell if you leave this house!

BIFF [turning]: Exactly what is it that you want from me? (Act 2)

Willy's insistence that Biff stay although they are furious with one another reveals his fear of abandonment. Despite all his posturing, Willy is terrified of the idea of being totally abandoned by his sons.

Quote 11

LINDA: Why didn’t anyone come?

CHARLEY: It was a very nice funeral.

LINDA: But where were all the people he knew? Maybe they blame him. (Requiem)

Linda feels that Willy has been abandoned by his friends after his death; she doesn't realize that Willy didn't really have friends to begin with. It seems that she bought into Willy's tales of popularity.

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