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Death of a Salesman

Death of a Salesman


by Arthur Miller

Bernard Timeline and Summary

  • Bernard appears in one of Willy’s flashbacks. He is high-school-aged and comes running in, shouting that Biff is going to fail math.
  • The following day, Bernard appears is another one of Willy’s flashbacks. He begs Biff to let him carry Biff’s shoulder pads into the clubhouse at Ebbets Fields where Biff is about to play a football game.
  • The scene flashes back to reality. Outside of Charley’s office, Willy argues aloud with himself in the hall. Charley’s secretary asks Bernard, who is now a respectable, grown man, to deal with Willy.
  • Bernard and Willy chat, and Bernard says he’s about to catch a train to Washington D.C. for a case.
  • Bernard asks about Biff and Willy says vaguely that his son is up to big things. Willy repeatedly inquires about Bernard’s business, but Bernard avoids answering.
  • When asked about the secret to his success, Bernard says he doesn’t have advice.
  • Bernard recalls that Biff flunked math his senior year of high school and intended to take the summer course to make up his credits. He knows that Biff went to visit Willy in Boston, was gone for about a month, and came back completely changed.
  • Bernard asks Willy what happened in Boston, but gets no real response.
  • Bernard leaves to catch his train.